We are here to work with you.  If you have questions about a video project, launching a television show or want a promo video for your non-profit - we are here to help! We can guide you through the process so you are comfortable every step of the way.


Generally, it is a 50-50 term.  50% upon signing our Agreement and 50% upon delivery of the product.  We can reflexible.

Do we travel?



What genre's have you produced?

We have over 64 half-hour episodes of an entertainment show that has been airing on PBS since 2011;  we have produced 8 half-hour travel shows - also airing on PBS, several half-hour cooking shows and several half-hour community oriented informative shows that aired on a local NBC affiliate - plus many more informative shows dealing with professionals - such as CPA's, Tax attorneys, healthcare and real estate.

Our other niche is working with non-profits in raising awareness and funds.