LB & Denise Casablanca

Our Goals

To provide each customer 'What they want. When they want it!"  We provide in-depth Production services to each client - really listening to what the client wants - and what they want to achieve with their product and brand - and then we go to work!

Our Story

Having operated and managed a sound stage and production facility for ten years - we got to see just about every kind of production!  Plus producing our own products:  Beginning with several dining and cooking shows and then Shorts Showcase, which ran on PBS for 6 years, to The Real Desert - a travel log, another cooking show and another local show highlighting the good things and people of the Coachella Valley - and now with a documentary and a couple feature films under our belts - we have a very solid foundation to manage whatever project a client would like.

Meet the Team

We like creating with our clients.  Let us help you bring your concept to life!  Our collective experiences include producing, directing, creative consulting, technical direction, cinematography, editing, music composition and recording, and well, I could go on!


Leanna Bonamici

Founder & Producer

Leanna in an Emmy nominated producer with over 20 years of producing feature films, documentaries, corporate videos and mostly TV Shows, which she also creates. She is the Founder and recent Past President of Palm Springs Women in Film and Television, a 501c3 non-profit, and sat on the Founding Board of Women in Film & Television International, which formed its own 501c3 under her term of service.


Mike Pedersen

Producer/Technical Director

Mike is one of the Dudes of Awesome Dude Video and has been producing videos, television and film for over 16 years.  An audio expert, as well.


Larry Pedersen


Larry is the other Dude of Awesome Dude Video and has been the cinematographer and editor of television shows, feature films, music videos and just about anything else you can think of!

Have a project in mind...

Give us a call and allow us to help you plan this out and take it from concept to completion!